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274 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Types of Hands
There are no two hands just alike, but they resemble each other sufficiently to be divisible into seven principle types—of which there are many varieties.
The Elementary Hand.—This hand is the lowest type —on the borderland between brute and man. The hand is short, thick-set and clumsy; the thumb also short, barely reaching the base of the index-finger. There are very few lines upon it. People with such hands are found in occupations requiring only un­skilled labour. Such have little self-control, and often are the victims of violent tempers.
The Square Hand.—This hand may be depended upon. It belongs to those who are practical, conscientious, upright, and honest. They respect law and order, are methodical, punctual, trustworthy. They are natural leaders, executive, enterprising, courageous in emergency. They make good and true friends, loyal and constant. They have boldness to undertake difficult tasks, are not quarrelsome, but very determined in their own views. This is the hand of a thorough business man, successful lawyer or statesman. The square hand is so called because the palm is square at the wrist, square at the base of the fingers, and with the fingers themselves square. It is sometimes called the useful hand. Their owners have little originality, imagination, or ideality. Their chief fault is that they are too material.
The Artistic Hand.—The fingers, bulky at the third phalange, taper thence to the extremity. The thumb is small, the palm well developed.
Those who have this hand care more for form than substance, for what pleases than for what feeds. They love beauty—are fond of leisure, novelty, and liberty, are ardent, humble, yet vain. They have more dash
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