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Fortune Telling                           275
than force; more sentiment than thought; are impulsive, enthusiastic, impatient of routine and monotony. They are lovers of colour, music, poetry, luxury; open-handed, light-hearted, liberal-minded. They are magnetic and hospitable. They make friends quickly, but are some­what fickle—are mercurial, gay one moment, moody the next—given to gloomy forebodings.
This has also been called the conic hand, and the "hand of impulse." People with such hands are excellent conversationalists, they grasp the drift of a subject quickly, but it must be confessed that they are more or less superficial.
Women with such hands love admiration. They must love very deeply before one can be certain of the constancy of their affection.
People with this type of hand are quick tempered, but the mood soon passes. They are generous, sym­pathetic, but to a certain extent selfish where their own personal comfort is concerned.
The Spatuled Hand.—The name of this hand is taken from the instrument that a chemist uses in mixing his preparations—the fingers flat and bulging round at the end.
This hand has confidence in itself. To it belongs the sense of tangible things, an instinctive knowledge of the real, the practical, a genius for calculation, applied sciences, mechanical arts.
Those having this type of hand are unassuming, persistent, and most happy when engaged in real active work. They are logical, full of energy, purposeful, moral rather than religious. They are self-reliant, utilitarian, and appreciate wealth rather than luxury. They love horses, dogs, hunting, sailing, war, agri­culture, commerce, bodily exercises. Those who hav«
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