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276 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
smooth fingers ending in a spatule proceed by instinct, intuition, passion. Those with knotty fingers terminat­ing in the same way advance to their conclusions by calculation, reason, deduction.
The smooth fingers will be dexterous. Those with spatuled hands have nerves that move in harmony with a sanguine temperament and muscles respondent to an iron will.
The palm itself is spatulated, sometimes broad at the base of the fingers, tapering back to the wrist, or very broad at the wrist, sloping towards the base of the fingers. The first is the more practical of the two.
The Philosophic Hand.—This is the most easily recognised of all, being long, angular, with bony fingers and developed joints. People possessing such hands have a marked personality, more or less peculiar. They are unselfish, self-denying. Their motto is, "Plain living, high thinking." Their success lies more in literature, metaphysics, and scientific research than in accumulating wealth. When they have it, they use it largely for others. They are silent, secretive, rather proud of being different from others.
The developed joints show the love of analysis. The fingers may be square, pointed, or spatuled—which will influence the action and ideas of the person, by their peculiarities.
The Psychic Hand.—This is of all types the most beautiful and the rarest—rare, because our modern civilisation does not encourage the reproduction of the temperament of which it is the index.
The owners of these hands are the idealists, essentially religious, contemplative, and poetical. These are the dreamers of dreams and the seers of visions. They are little adapted to fight their way in the world—but the
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