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Fortune Telling                              277
world without them would probably have become grossly material. These are the soulful ones.
Mixed Hands.—This name is given to the hand whose undecided character seems to belong to two or more types. The intelligence represented by a mixed hand attaches to each of the types which its form recalls. When type meets type of an antagonistic kind, the effect is a modification of both.
A mixture of types denotes versatility, but a person changeable, uncertain in the use of his talents. If a strong head-line rule the hand, there will be a chance of success—but the mixed hand usually belongs to a talented dilletante.
The Palm
Those with soft palms are emotional, demonstrative in affection—they love deeply, but are less constant than others. They are inclined to laziness, ease, and luxury.
Those with firm palms are energetic, active; they have great powers of endurance, and plenty of vitality.
Persons with very hard palms are apt to be un­sympathetic, sometimes cruel.
A well-developed palm, taken with other signs not contradicting, denotes success.
A hollow palm shows delicate health.
A slim, narrow, feeble palm indicates instincts without capacity.
The hard, wrinkled hand, which is stretched out with difficulty, indicates intractability, a mind without pliancy, unelastic.
To keep the hands always closed denotes secretiveness —often untruthfulness. It is said that the person who tells a lie usually closes the hand while doing it.
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