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278 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The habit of holding the thumb concealed in the other fingers indicates a covetous and sordid dispo­sition.
The Fingers
There are four principal types of fingers: the square, the spatuled, the conic, and the pointed. The various shapes are indicated in the design.
Fingers with knotty joints indicate good taste and inclination to be orderly. If the upper joint is large, it denotes administrative ability, a philosophic, reflective disposition, love of harmony. If both joints are large on all the fingers, and the hand well formed, the actions will be guided by reason. Scientific analysis will be enjoyed.
Smooth-fingered people are impulsive, careless in many things. Such fingers are the evidence of artistic tenden­cies, love of poetry, music. They have often creative genius. They proceed by intuition rather than reason; by sentiment rather than knowledge.
Long fingers belong to those who are painstaking, regardful of minutiae, capable of good work, easily sympathetic. They worry over trifles.
Short fingers show quickness in thought and action— in those who have them—but such persons jump at conclusions, are careless of appearances, apt to lack tact, restless, and easily discouraged.
Thick fingers at the base denote love of ease and luxury, pleasure-loving disposition, indisposed to ex­ertion.
Conic, or taper fingers are evidence of artistic instincts, love of the beautiful.
Very long and pointed fingers denote religious zeal and indifference to worldly interests.
// the forefinger (Jupiter) is short on both hands, it is
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