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Fortune Telling                              279
the evidence of a cheerful disposition. If long, of vanity. Of medium size, a love of ruling.
The second -finger (Saturn), if long, denotes a morbid nature; if medium, a well-balanced mind.
Third finger (The Sun), if short, a mercenary nature is betrayed; medium, love of admiration; if long, specu­lative temperament.
Fourth finger (Mercury), if short, shows quick per­ception ; if long, great powers of expression; if medium, a progressive, energetic nature.
Fingers rising straight upward show a well-developed, well-balanced mind, good character, and promise suc­cess.
Twisted, crooked fingers are evidences of a hysterical nature.
// the fingers turn towards the thumb a morbid disposi­tion is indicated.
// the fingers bend towards the little finger (Mercury) a love of art and romance is shown.
If much space is shown between Jupiter and Saturn, independence of thought is proved. If between Saturn and the Sun, an easy-going disposition is revealed. If between the Sun and Mercury, it is an indication of independence of action.
Large spaces between the fingers when the hand is fully opened betray great interest in other people's affairs.
Close together, conventionality.
The Phalanges
Every hand has fourteen phalanges, of which each finger has three and the thumb but two.
The first or nailed phalange is the tip; the third, the one that joins the palm. In the thumb, the second joins the palm.
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