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280 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The nailed phalange of all four fingers represents the moral and spiritual qualities.
The second has to do with mental traits and capacities, natural and acquired.
The third, with physical, material instinct, and development.
The index finger has been named for Jupiter, the next for Saturn, the third for Apollo, or the Sun, and the little finger for Mercury. The thumb is so important that we will consider it separately.
Jupiter's first phalange, if long, shows superstition; a long second phalange shows ambition; the third, thirst for power.
Saturn's first phalange, if long, denotes melancholy; the second, love of country; the third, economy.
The Sun's first phalange, if long, shows love of art; if short, love of show; medium, intellectual art.
Mercury's first phalange, if long, is the evidence of oratorical powers; if the second is long, it shows business capacity; if the third is long, scheming power is denoted.
The first knot, called the philosophic, forms the boundary, say the chiromants, between the divine world and the moral.
The first phalange receives, as it were, light inspiration. The second joint challenges, examines, discusses, then exacts proof, and in turn forms the boundary between the realms of reason and of matter. Matter accepts the laws of reason on condition that they be profitable.
The knots modify each class of hand, whether the fingers be pointed, square, or spatuled.
The Thumb
The thumb is the king of the hand. A celebrated author savs: "The man is in the thumb"; for it is, of
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