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284 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Luna, or the Moon.—Imagination or folly.
Venus.—Love or dissipation.
The mount of Jupiter is found under the index finger —that which orders, threatens, points. Jupiter's mount, if prominent, gives fervid religion, noble ambition, love of nature, honour, gaiety. In excess, he gives supersti­tion, love of pomp and power for itself, a desire to shine. If little prominent or depressed, it is the evidence of indolence, irreligion, egotism, want of dignity.
Saturn's mount is found under the middle finger. Saturn is fate. Time is charged to execute the work of the Parcae. When his mount is large, he gives prudence, wisdom, success. In excess, he gives sadness, asceticism, remorse, morbid feelings. If the mount is low, he gives an insignificant life.
The Sun or Apollo:
The mount of the Sun is found under the third finger. If it is prominent, he gives a taste for arts, genius, suc­cess, glory, hope, the grace which charms, riches. In excess, he gives love of gold, celebrity at any cost, pride, haughtiness, levity, boastfulness. If the mount be low or depressed, carelessness of beauty and art is shown, low aims, monotonous life, like a day without the sun.
Mercury's mount is under the little finger. Mercury gives to his favourites science, invention, eloquence, love of labour, activity in thought and action. In excess—pretentious ignorance, untruthfulness, cunning. The absence of this mount shows inaptitude for com­merce or science, a useless life.
Mars has two mounts. The first is beneath the mount of Jupiter inside the life-line. This gives active courage, presence of mind in danger. In excess—a quarrelsome, aggressive spirit. The second mount of Mars is found beneath the mount of Mercury. It
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