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Fortune Telling                            285
denotes moral courage, self-control. When undevel­oped, a worrying, childish, apprehensive nature.
Lund's mount is found under that of Mars, which thus terminates the palm of the hand opposite to the root of the thumb.
Luna gives imagination, love of mystery, solitude, silence, harmony in music, poetry, aspirations, medita­tion, dreams. In excess, she gives caprice, discontent, restlessness, presentiments, superstition. Its absence shows barrenness of thought, mental weakness.
Venus.—The mount of Venus is found at the base of the thumb. If well developed, it indicates sympathy, the love of pleasing; it gives grace, beauty, the desire of being loved, benevolence to all, charity, tenderness, charm. If the mount is depressed, it shows the want of these qualities. Its excess is coquetry, vanity, light-mindedness, inconstancy, debauchery. The most prominent mount is the keynote to the person's char­acter.
The Marks.—The following is the interpretation of a famous Roumanian palmist, of the marks on the hand:
On the mount of Jupiter:
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