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288 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Nature's hieroglyphics on the hand are claimed by chiromancy to be a forecast of the future of its owner.
The most important line in the hand is the life-line, which surrounds the mount of Venus, at the base of the thumb. Clearly defined and well coloured, with rays crossing it, it indicates a happy, prosperous life. The shorter the line, the shorter the life; a break in it means an illness. A full-length line reaching to the wrist promises a very long life. The reckoning of years is made toward the wrist. The ancient cabalists divided the line into seven or ten sections, each representing ten years of existence, and they thus indicated at what epoch would happen the incidents of life; diseases, death, by examining in what section the predicting signs were placed.
When the life-line, instead of setting out at the extreme edge of the hand, begins under Jupiter's mount or sends out branches towards it, ambition is signified.
If cut by many little lines, many diseases are indi­cated.
When it is not joined by the head-line, or a large space lies between the two, it reveals in the subject folly, envy, or falsehood. When these are interwoven, the person is easily discouraged.
When separated from the head-line by a broad, empty space, and when the lines are wide and red, it is a sign of cruelty, vanity, inordinate love of money. A medium space is best.
The wrinkles on the life-line are maladies. If the line is double along its entire length, it promises great pros­perity and enjoyment of life.
Branches from the life-line passing through the plain
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