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Fortune Telling                           289
of Mars to the mount of Luna mean travel, change. A branch leading to Jupiter denotes increase of power, some position of authority. A good, long line leading to Mercury promises a marriage. Twisted or with an island—that is, a space enclosed by lines—it foreshadows divorce.
Branches leading to other mounts take significance from those upon which they end. One leading from the life-line to Saturn is important if there is no other fate-line in the palm. One to the Sun promises success and glory. Lines that rise to Saturn (favourable) and those that come from Saturn to the life-line (unfavour­able) are distinguished by the fact that they are heavier at the starting-place. Many lines running parallel to the life-line denote a nature very dependent upon affection, betray extreme caution, sensitiveness, and little self-confidence.
The Line of the Heart.—This line is placed horizontally at the top of the palm, and runs along the bases of the mounts. It may begin at the mount of Jupiter, or at Saturn, or between the two.
Rising from the centre of Jupiter, it shows capacity for the highest type of love—the worship of the heart's ideal—proud of its object.
The farther the line of heart goes up through Jupiter to the base of the finger, the more jealous the nature will be, and the more exacting.
The line starting from the mount of Saturn denotes a more sensual and a more selfish love, though it may be strong.
The heart-line rising between the first and second fingers goes with a calmer temperament in matters of the heart, but the devotion is very deep and strong. Pride is less prominent than in those whose heart-line begins
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