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290 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
at Jupiter. They can forgive all faults, restore their idol if it fall, and go on worshiping as before. This is more often found on women's hands than on men's.
The line of heart, marked by many little lines crossing or running into it, denotes inconstancy, many flirtations.
When the line is bright red, it shows an ardent tem­perament.
When pale and broad, an indifferent one.
When very thin, the person is cold, with little capacity for affection.
When the line is broken, it tells of disappointments in luve.
When full of islands, the love is unfortunate.
When a line is broken, it is fatal only when repeated in the other hand. One alone cannot indicate a catas­trophe.
The Line of Fate.—This line may begin at the wrist, the line of life, the centre of the palm, or from the mount of Luna.
The line of fate relates chiefly to worldly affairs— success, failure, to the people that influence one's career.
When it sets out from the wrist and rises in a straight line to the mount of Saturn, it is luxuriant good fortune and great success. If the line cuts the root of the mid­dle finger, it is a great destiny, good or evil. When the line begins at the life-line, it shows that one will work his way to success without help from others. Starting from the centre of the palm and running to Saturn, it promises good luck, but an uneventful life. Running into the finger itself indicates success, but also of matter going beyond one's control.
Starting from the mount of Luna, one's success may depend upon the opinions of others, and the caprices of others will influence one's destiny.
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