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292 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
When straight in the first half and then slightly slop­ing, it shows a level head, a well-balanced nature. When it has a long, gentle slope, the general tendencies are imaginative, and the line shows a love of art, music, etc.
When very sloping—on the mount of Luna—it de­notes intense idealism, love of the romantic, mysticism, etc. When the head-line is so high on the palm that it leaves a very narrow space between it and the heart-line, it denotes that the head will rule the heart. • If a branch from it rises upward and joins the heart-line, some great affection or fascination will rule the subject.
Islands betray a poor memory.
A double head-line shows great versatility. Bifur­cated at the end near Luna's mount, it indicates self-deception.
A deep, well-formed, good-coloured line shows a good memory.
A line, twisted or ill-formed, curving on the mount of Luna, indicates worrying timidity, morbid imagina­tion.
A head-line far apart from the life-line shows rashness; very closely connected, lack of self-confidence.
A line chained or linked indicates want of intelligence.
If it goes to the side of certain mounts, the idea turns towards the qualities inspired by those mounts. If toward Mercury, it is commerce; if toward the Sun, it is power, celebrity, or riches.
The Line of the Sun.—This has been variously called the line of Apollo, of success, of fortune. It is found ascending to the third finger. This line promises a life full of brightness, glory, success, if not contradicted by little or no fate-line or a bad head-line, in which case it
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