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Fortune Telling                           293
denotes a nature longing for such things without power of expression.
If it rise from the line of life and the rest of the hand is artistic, it means success in an artistic career. Rising from the fate-line, it increases whatever is promised by that line—great distinction if the line be clear.
When it runs from the wrist straight up to the third finger, it indicates exceptional success in any career.
If the line runs from Luna up to the third finger, it means an eventful life—full of changes—and the subject of a changeable disposition, dependent, too, upon the fortunes of others and their caprices.
Rising from the plain of Mars, it denotes success after great difficulties, or a fighting chance.
Parallel to a good fate-line, it is the promise of the acquisition of wealth.
The absence of the line indicates that the recognition of the world will be hard to gain.
If the line of the Sun goes to Saturn, it denotes sorrow.
The Health-Line.—This line runs from the mount of Mercury down the hand.
The less of this line, the better. When absent, the constitution is stronger. The heavier the line, the more the nervous system is impaired.
When the line of life and the health-line meet, there will be probability of death when that meeting-place occurs.
When the line is red and heavy, it shows tendency to fever.
When forked or broken, bad digestion.
Lines of Marriage.—Long, horizontal lines on the side of the mount of Mercury relate to marriages; shorter ones to love affairs.
One long, deep, well-formed line foretells a happy
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