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294 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
marriage. A line dropping low down in the palm sig­nifies that the person will lose his or her life-companion.
When the line curves upward the subject is not likely to marry at all.
"When little hair-lines drop from it toward the heart-line, it tells of trouble and worry in marriage.
A strong line joining the line of Fate predicts the date of the marriage.
When the line of marriage divides at the end into a drooping fork, sloping toward the centre of the palm, it threatens a separation or divorce.
When full of islands, it foretells unhappiness and disap­pointment in married life.
Children are indicated by fine, upward lines from the middle or end of the line of marriage on the mount of Mercury.
Deeply marked lines denote male children; those more faintly marked, female. Clear lines denote healthy children.
The numbers are counted from the outside or middle of the marriage-line in toward the hand.
Life Bracelets, or Rascettes.—On the wrist are found these lines—three of them, if one is to live to a good old age. Clearly traced, they denote good health. Twisted, criss-crossed, they show uneven health. A star on the centre of the rascettes signifies unexpected good fortune; a cross—they foretell a laborious life.
To find your mystic fortune, you must first discover the number upon which hangs your fate. To do this, multiply the day of the month upon which you were born by seven—the magical number.
The extreme left-hand digit of the product will be the number upon which hangs your fate.
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