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Fortune Telling                              295
Select now from the list of questions the one to which you want an answer, and, turning to the "Magic Tables," you will find the number of the section which contains the answer in the column opposite the number of your question and in the column below your mystic number.
For example:
You want an answer to question No. 2. You were born on the 8th of the month, which, multiplied by seven, equals 56 (8 x 7 = 56). Five is therefore your mystic number. Turn to the Magic Table and find No. 2 at the extreme left of the page under the heading "Fateful Questions" and No. 5 at the top of the page. The number below No. 5 and on a line with No. 2 is the num­ber of the section in which your answer will be found, being in this case Section No. 62.
Your mystic number being 5, the answer to your ques­tion will be the fifth in that section.
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