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300   The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
7.  Long enough to teach you sympathy for others.
8.  It will be mutual forbearance.
9.  Your many attractions.
1.  You will be all in all to a few.
2.  Little by little.
3.  When you meet your first love again.
4.  Quiet, serene, peaceful, contented.
5.  Yes, such will be the world's verdict.
6.  Within the year—desperately.
7.  Be sure you're right, then go ahead.
8.  Good days, and bad days.
9.  Not one.
1.  Life will be a fine schoolmaster.
2.  Your social success.
3.  The power to make friends.
4.  Falling in love.
5.  There will be the usual lovers' quarrels.
6.  Some one has the thought dearly at heart.
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