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306 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
1.  Your sense of having done what you could.
2.  Il faut bien passer le temps!
3.  "As you sow, so shall you reap."
4.  Your happy disposition.
5.  The happy-go-lucky.
6.  Your engagement.
7.  Your relatives will make trouble.
8.  In a year and a day.
9.  Yes, with care for your health.
1.  The friend of all who suffer.
2.  Laziness.
3.  You will have a fine house in town.
4.  None better, in the place where you live.
5.  Giving happiness, and taking its rebound.
6.  You will make all three happy.
7.  At eighty, if you choose.
8.  You will be liked both by men and women.
9.  Yes, when too rich to care for it.
1.  You will share the fate of all—some good, some ill, will be spoken of you.
2.  Domesticity.
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