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Fortune Telling                           307
3- Tact.
4.  You take so much trouble for others.
5.  They will inherit your faults, unless you mend them.
6.  Your cheerful disposition. 7 You will both believe it.
8.  All your friends are lovers.
9.  You will not outlive your friends and those you love.
1.  They will sympathise with all your feelings.
2.  To make a good appearance.
3.  Clear the coast.
4.  Loyalty.
5.  Life would have to be a kaleidoscope to do that.
6.  The man's love the deeper, the woman's the more demonstrative.
1.  You will never be very rich nor very poor.
2.  You will think yourself master.
3.  Money, but it will be the least of your attractions, it will be found.
4.  "East or West, Home is best"—you will think.
5.  You will be hard to please if you do not think so.
6.  Vanity.
7.  What can you expect, when you are so particular?
8.  Wherever you go next.
9.  Who will make us laugh now—and drive away the blues *
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