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308 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
1.  Your dress.
2.  Not at first.
3.  You will have many temptations.
4.  Reading.
5.  When you have learned not to expect the im­possible.
6.  You will be a happy father, or "a joyful mother," of children.
7.  Economy is wealth.
8.  Only one, but it will be the right on©.
9.  No.
1.  Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
2.  One serious illness.
3.  Yes, through envy.
4.  It will never diminish.
5.  Better try to idealise the real.
6.  You would not believe it if you were told.
7.  Its events will not be tragic, at least.
8.  Better than handsome.
9.  You will love one who already loves you.
1.  Your face, yes—but you will lose your figure.
2.  Your friends.
3.  Yes; and, playing with fire, burn your fingers.
4.  Where you pull up a weed you will plant a flower.
5.  Your facility in making friends.
6.  Contentment.
7.  Banting.
8.  Every day will increase your mutual affection.
9.  Next leap-year.
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