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Fortune Telling
i. Yes, a small one, soon spent.
2.  All may count upon your sympathy.
3.  Jealousy.
4.  Town.
5.  So good as to be able to confer favours.
1.  Not so very old.
2.  Whatever you do, whatever you say, some will criticise.
3.  Truthfulness.
4.  Perseverance.
5.  Your cordiality.
6.  The girls will be a delight, the boys your pride.
7.  Frank honesty.
8.  Yes, the very first.
9.  Many more than you know of.
1.  The love that you have inspired.
2.  They will be sharply critical.
3.  To be considered clever.
4.  Feel much and express little.
5.  You are such a good sort.
6.  Not your present ones. You will change them.
7.  The wife at first, but she will win him to perfect devotion.
8.  It will be like a summer's holiday.
9.  Yes, but you do not know it.
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