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Fortune Telling                             311
1.  Not for some time yet.
2.  You will be considered well-preserved.
3.  Your indomitable pluck that will never say die.
4.  No; flirtation is the sacrifice of others to self, and you  are not selfish.
5.  It depends upon how you meet circumstances.
6.  Your well-stored mind.
7.  The forgetfulness of yourself.
8.  Your marriage.
9.  You will share the fate of other true lovers.
1.  Yes, in spite of your shyness.
2.  You will expect one, but be disappointed.
3.  You will serve as a warning.
6.  A Bohemian one, but lots of fun.
7.  Raising others by your example to higher ideals.
8.  In each you will think yourself happiest.
9.  In far too many hearts, alas !
1.  No, only a few very true ones.
2.  Yes, and enjoy life to the last.
3.  The world will rate you at your true value.
4.  Constancy.
5.  Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst. 5. Your family.
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