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318 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
5.  The dread of false teeth.
6.  You will wish them all in Jericho.
7.  Yes, both times for love.
8.  Music.
9.  Yes, it holds much happiness.
1.  The event toward which all your present plans
are directed.
2.  You will have a varied experience.
3.  Distinguished-looking, not handsome.
4.  No, but you will lose nothing by waiting.
5.  Might makes right.
6.  Robust health and good spirits.
7.  Every one that amounts to anything has.
8.  Yours till death.
9.  Through much tribulation.
1.  The habit of getting all the happiness possible out
of the present day.
2.  Forming a certain friendship.
3.  It will be in your own hands.
4.  Wait a little longer.
5.  You will improve in appearance as you grow older.
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