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Fortune Telling                              319
6.  Your mother.
7.  Just to make some one else jealous.
8.  You will grow more lovable all the time.
9.  Your opportunities.
1.  Always ready to help.
2.  If you learn to live in the present, happiness will last to your life's end.
3.  Yes, when you give true love.
4.  Yes, but you will care little for it.
5.  Do not hope to wear dead-men's shoes.
6.  Your studies will be of value to the world.
7.  Self-consciousness.
8.  Wherever you wish.
9.  Obscure, but honest.
1.  They will go through the follies of youth.
2.  Your tact.
3.  Do not be too curious.
4.  Yes, staunch and true ones.
5.  Yes, and cantankerous sometimes.
6.  You will be very popular.
7.  Strength of character.
8.  Truthfulness.
9.  Your nimble wit.
1.  Some of them.
2.  The husband at first.
3.  Pick the flowers by the wayŚrdon't expect a rose-garden.
4.  Only in your dreams.
5.  Your usefulness.
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