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Fortune Telling                            321
i. They are too lofty for nature's daily food.
2.  A certain house-party.
3.  Crowded with interests.
4.  No; but there will be so many other attractions you will not care.
5.  You will think so, but it will not last long.
6.  "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."
7.  You will net know you have a body.
8.  You will turn them into friends.
9.  Your little faults of temper will strain it, but your warm heart will win in the end.
1.  Honourable, but not prominent.
2.  Plucky to the last, nothing can daunt you.
3.  The future will always seem bright to you.
4.  You are certainly very loveworthy.
5.  Liked, but not envied.
6.  No; what your fortunes will be will depend only upon yourself.
7.  You will help to purify politics.
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