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322 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
8.  Over-indulgence to you.
9.  Country in summer, town in winter.
The young girl of the period may enjoy knowing her character as predicted by astrology in accordance with her birth month.
A girl born in January will be a prudent housewife, good-tempered, but inclined to melancholy.
In February—humane and affectionate as wife and tender as mother.
In March—a chatterbox, fickle, stormy, and given to quarrels.
In April—pretty, dainty, inconsistent, and not given to study.
In May—handsome in person, and contented and happy in spirit.
In June—gay, impetuous, and will marry early.
In July—fair to look upon but sulky in temper and jealous.
In August—amiable, practical, and will marry rich.
In September—discreet, affable and generally beloved.
In October—pretty, coquettish, and oftentimes un­happy without cause.
In November—liberal, kind, amiable, and thoughtful for others.
In December—well-proportioned, gay, fond of novelty and inclined to be extravagant.
In this, as in other predictions, it is consoling to feel that as a rule they come wide the mark of truth.
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