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324 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
muscle in the temples. One contraction of the muscle indicates hearts, two diamonds, three spades, four clubs. A pause and then the number of the spots is given by repeated contractions. For the picture cards the contractions are given in very quick succession— four for the king, three for the queen, and two for the knave. It is very mystifying to those who do not know it.
A very elaborate system of questions and answers may be agreed upon between the confederates—the manner and form of the question giving the clue to the answer. A sheet over the head of the one who makes the replies, while apparently increasing the difficulty, enables him to consult a written guide to aid the memory.
At table may be tried a new toy that has made fun for the "grown-ups." A slender rubber tube is passed under the tablecloth, at one end of it being a tiny bulb, which is placed under some one's plate. The other end terminates in a larger bulb, which, when surrepti­tiously squeezed, inflates the small bulb and lifts up the plate. This is repeated now and then, and the uneasy manner of the one who has been selected to be the victim is usually a source of intense amusement to those who are in the secret.
As one man said: "I had taken so little wine that I made up my mind that I must certainly give it up altogether, if I was so easily affected."
Make the claim that, if each of the company will write a quotation, proverb, saw, or saying on a slip of paper, you will ask some one to hold each paper against your forehead, whereupon you will read it with your eyes closed. You then choose your confederate—who collects the papers and places one upon your forehead,
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