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326 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
many cases the person will, after a moment of hesitation, do the very thing that the company decided that he should, though it must be confessed that sometimes the result is disappointing.
A better way, because more successful, is for one person to offer to do what he is willed to perform, saying: "I will not only obey your behests, but I ask that two of you volunteer to will me to do different things—each shall hold one of my hands, and the one with the strongest will must control mine, and therefore my action."
It does not matter which two persons offer. When each takes the hand of the mesmerist, he or she is so eager to prove the possession of the stronger will that, unconsciously and inadvertently, each will draw or push, restrain or relax, the hold—that will give strong intimation of the direction, first, then of the particular thing agreed upon to be done—especially if your motions are very rapid, when they will be taken un­awares and act impulsively. The audience must be told in advance what the two things are that are to so influence your conduct in competition, while you are conducted by a trusty emissary beyond sight and sound of the company.
Again, the mesmerist may hold two chains and invite three ladies to hold on to one and three men on the other, to prove which sex has the stronger will-power— the one trio willing him to do one thing, the other quite a different thing. Among the three, there will always be some one who will unintentionally give intimations that will help you to a solution, if your movements be very impetuous.
The rivalry tempts.
A really curious card-trick, which yet is not a trick,
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