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A YOUNG couple, who have won a reputation for being the most original of entertainers, last year, on December 31st, gave a charming Watch-Night party. The invitations, which fairly piqued even a dull curiosity, were unique. They were cut in hour-glass shape from heavy buff paper. The sketching of the hour­glass, the lettering of the invitations, even the address on the buff envelope, was done in sepia ink. The house was decked with evergreens, festoons of pine and balsam were looped about the walls and fell from the chandeliers, wreathed windows, doors and arches, and twined about the bannisters. There was no holly—that belonged to Christmas and was a thing of the past—but here and there hung bunches of pearl-berried mistletoe, in memory of a druidical superstition that mistletoe, cut from some sacred oak and wreathed about a dwelling before the coming of the New Year, guards a household from evil spirits and ill-luck. Here and there, over doorways and arches, hung scarlet banners with 1902 and 1903 in tall letters made of cotton batting. The guests were received by the pretty hostess and three of her girl friends dressed to represent the four seasons. Spring wore a wreath of dandelions on her golden hair; her
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