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332 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
clinging robe of delicate green was girdled with white. Summer, a brilliant creature in scarlet, wore red poppies in her brown hair. Autumn was a vivid brunette in a gown of warm brown, with gleams of red and gold in it. Gorgeous autumn leaves were woven into her black hair. Winter was a pale blonde, garbed in white, with a crown of holly and mistletoe.
Downstairs, the young folks danced on floors from which the rugs had been lifted. Two upstairs chambers and a hall had been transformed into card-rooms. The plan for pairing off partners was odd. The ladies were led blindfolded to a table and asked to pick up the first object they touched. There were all sorts of odd favours, each one signifying a holiday or anniversary. A naked doll suggested the shivering infant by which an artist portrays the New Year. A heart-shaped locket, of course, brought St. Valentine's Day to memory. There was a portrait of Abraham Lincoln for February 12th, a hatchet for Washington's birthday, a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, a miniature hot-cross bun for Good Friday, a dunce's cap for All-Fools' Day, a bust of Shakespeare for April 23d, a tree from a doll's farm­yard for Arbor Day, a portrait of Dewey for May 1st, a rose tied to the Star-Spangled Banner for Decoration Day, a firecracker for the Fourth of July, a toy spade for Labour Day, a jack-o'-lantern for Hallowe'en, a minia­ture ballot-box for Election Day, a papier-mache' turkey for Thanksgiving, a tiny matting-covered tea-chest for the Boston Tea Party, a sprig of artificial arbutus for the landing of the Mayflower, and a well-stuffed doll-stocking for Christmas Day.
While the ladies chose their souvenirs, the gentlemen gathered about their host in the smoking-room, where he dealt out a pack of cards. In his hand each gentle-
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