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336 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
So come ye witty and come ye wise, Guess these maidens and win the prize."
The twelve questions given are answered by the names of the months.
"A provident matron, and a thankful withal, Somewhat serious-eyed, she belongs to the fall."
"With dreamy eyes and arms all blossom-laden, 'Mid fields of softest green, she comes, a gentle maiden."
"A daughter of Ceres, tall and fair, She scatters golden blessings everywhere."
"She's a wilful girlie with wind-tossed hair, Who brings for the housewife a weight of care."
"Eldest of all, the one most dear, She carries a message of royal cheer."
"I love a rose," she cries, "and lo! I scatter its fragrance where'er I go."
"She greets you with frowns and she greets you with smiles, Beware, oh, beware of this coquette's wiles !"
"A crown of leaves, bright, golden and red, She twines in the nut-brown curls of her head."
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