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January                                   337
'When they're mating and cooing, the bluebird and
dove, Comes our maiden of two with her tokens of love."
"A woman of melting lang'rous glance Who holds her subjects in sultry trance."
"Sizz! Boom! Bang! Hello! You don't like my style, I know. Yet prize the gift I bring—Ho ! Ho !"
"A fair little, dear little, winsome maid Of good resolutions—alas—how they fade !'
1.  November.                            7. April.
2.  May.                                      8. October.
3.  September.                           9. February.
4.  March.                                 10. August.
5.  December.                           11. July.
6.  June.                                    12. January.
Calendars make appropriate prizes. Across the pages of a simple one, if the hostess have a talent for jingles, she may write a couplet for each month, and thus make it a really prized souvenir. On the cover of one such I saw—
"Days of busy, busy hours, Days of idling among flowers, Days of joys and days of sorrows, Dark to-days and bright to-morrows; Days of health and days of weakness, All make up the year's completeness."
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