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338 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Upon the page for April was written : "What'er beside the changing years prove true,
Behold, dear friend, my love unchanged for you." For one of the flowery months: "I would your path might never know a stone, And fragrant blossoms meet your steps alone." Another "home-made" calendar might have a se≠lection from an American poet for each month. For April:
"Oh, rainy days! O days of sun ! What are ye all when the year is done ? Who shall remember sun or rain ? O years of loss ! O joyful years ! What are you all when Heaven appears, Who shall look back on joy or pain ?"
Whittier says of October:
"Our common mother rests and sings Like Ruth among her garnered sheaves; Her lap is full of goodly things, Her brow is crowned with autumn leaves."
What prettier for May than Longfellow's lines ? "Then comes the lovely spring
with a rush of blossoms and music, Filling the earth with flowers
and the air with melodies vernal."
By this time the company should be sufficiently impressed with the fateful momentówaiting at the threshold of a New Yearófor the hostess to propose the game of
Good Resolutions
Each person is given a paper and pencil and requested to write at the top of the page the word "Resolved," fol-
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