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340 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
At the end of the game, all the correct guesses at the authorship of the resolves are counted, for the prize of a china mug, with "For a Good Girl" or "For a Good Boy" in gilt letters upon it. Both may be purchased without too great an inroad upon one's pocket-book, so as to be prepared to reward the victor of either sex.
Supper should be served early enough to insure the return of all the company to the drawing-room a few minutes before the entrance of the New Year.
Just before midnight all should be assembled—to the men are given tin whistles and horns, and to each girl a bell of some kind—sleigh-bells may be borrowed or hired for the occasion. All join hands in a ring, and, accom­panied by the piano, sing in chorus "Auld Lang Syne," until the clock begins to strike twelve. All then are silent until the last note has sounded, whereupon all shake hands, wish one another a "Happy New Year," blow their horns, ring their bells, and otherwise make noisy demonstrations.
The evening may conclude with a Virginia Reel, or anything that suggests joy and jollity—typical of the outlook for the New Year, which always promises "There's a good time coming."
"Kind hearts can make December Blithe as May, And in each morrow find A New Year's Day."
Our invitations stated that all guests were requested to wear cards attached to their dress, upon each of which should be represented something suggestive of a certain year in the world's history. It was a variation
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