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January                                   341
of the book-title party, which has had such vogue, but its new form was further emphasised by the costumes of our host and hostess. The lady was dressed to represent the world. Her gown, of sea-green tarletan with a sil­very lining, was covered with maps, cut out in sections and glued on to form a pattern—South America and Africa lending themselves prettily to the front of the corsage. A gilt ball was worn on a hair ornament to suggest her attendant satellite, the moon.
Our host wore a costume of orange cotton cloth, cov­ered thickly with disks of gilt paper—the type of gar­ment worn by the "beef-eaters " of the Tower of London —covering him to the knees. On his breast was a gilt paper sun with many pointed rays, and we were informed that he represented that luminary about which the world frequently revolved. Some one ventured to guess that he personated "Mammon," the god of this world, his presence being not inappropriate, since his wooing has been most devoted to Madame Terra throughout the ages, some say with much success!
Upon arrival, all were given cards with pencils attached, and when all were presumably assembled, Sir Sol made proclamation that we were to guess one another's "age" and note the guesses on our cards, adding that a prize would be awarded to the one whose card showed the greatest number of correct answers.
Then ensued a merry clatter of tongues, and intro­ductions were felt to be entirely superfluous when a stranger's card arrested one's interest. Formality was thrown to the winds, and people who had never met before were hobnobbing like old friends in the excite­ment of recognising one another's epoch. One young woman wore a card upon which was glued a tiny map of the United States torn in two with jagged edges, a
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