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key red, lined with white canton flannel, dotted with black worsted tabs in imitation of ermine.
Two arm-chairs on a dais did duty for thrones, and here the sovereigns received their insignia of royalty—gor­geous crowns of gilt paper, lined with red cotton velvet, and sceptres of pokers wrapped with tinsel and gilt paper, which made the coronation very impressive.
They made the tour of the rooms with their train-bearers to the music of a stately march—all bowing low at their approach.
It was explained that a forfeit would be exacted from any one present who presumed to turn his back upon the royalties or failed to address them as "Your Majesty "—which gave rise to some merry confusion.
The rest of the company then proceeded to "draw for characters" by lot, according to ancient precedent, which they were to assume for the rest of the evening, and which were to be guessed by the compan}^.
As soon as they had read their fate upon the cards drawn from hat and "reticule" (old custom again), they were ushered one by one into an adjoining room. Here, their hostess, glancing at each card, selected something appropriate to the character inscribed thereon, from a lot of "properties" provided for the occasion, that a hint of costume might help to a solution of the mystery of each personality. For example, the lady who found "Ophelia" on her card donned a wreath of straw and scarlet paper poppies, let her abundant hair fall about her shoulders, and looked sweetly distraught.
The man who found " Mephistopheles" assigned to him was given a red skullcap adorned with two slender feathers, like antennae (a duster had been despoiled), three yards of red cotton for a cloak, and a piece of burnt cork. To give himself fierce, black eyebrows, elevated
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