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348 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
with green leaves galore, and crowned with a wreath of green filberts.
The men, though not required to come in costume, conformed to the spirit of the occasion by wearing small patty-pans as boutonnieres.
When the fun began to flag, the guests were set guess­ing the following cake riddle:
What kind of cake should a geologist eat ?—Layer cake.
What kind for a pugilist ?—Pound cake.
What kind for a lover?—Kisses.
What kind for a gardener ?—Fruit cake.
What kind for a glover?—Lady-fingers.
What kind for a man who lives on his friends ?—Sponge cake.
What for a politician?—Election cake.
What for a jeweler?—Gold and silver cake.
What kind would one have who ate all these?— Stomach-ache.
This last answer was whispered in confidence.
A cake-knife was the prize given to the most success­ful guesser.
A cake-walk made a merry "finale" to the evening. A cake of imposing dimensions, iced and decorated with candied fruits, was mounted on a round, flower-decked table in the centre of the room, and the contestants, indulging in all sorts of antics and capers, danced or marched around it.
They were expected to emulate the toilettes, airs and graces which marked the competitors in a cake-walk on a Southern plantation long ago.
The girl, with hair braided in numberless pig-tails, each tied with a ribbon of a different colour and her escort with flashy neck-tie, enormous shirt-collar, and paper sunflower boutonniere, won the prize.
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