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350 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Upon the arrival of the young men, they crowd together and hold each other's hands, after the manner of some timid debutantes, while the girls give themselves lofty airs of lords of creation. Some copy the type of male creature who refused to dance the early part of the evening, remarking that he "always let the girls look and long for him a little while first!"
The hostess may delegate the duty of receiving the guests upon their entrance to her husband, if she chooses —or, perhaps, rather, if he choose—and stalk about as if disclaiming any responsibility.
The men find seats; the girls walk about or stand in groups near the door. They may, and should, solicit introductions, and are brought up to the men by host or hostess.
As the music strikes up, the girls seek the desired partners, often selecting for especial devotion some man whose absence of conceit makes the flattery innocuous.
In the pauses of the dance, the young women gallantly fan their partners for a moment or so, but soon transfer that attention to their own faces in apparent thought­lessness—after the manner familiar to girls as one of the ways of mankind.
When walking about the room, the girls offer their arms to the young men, which are accepted, of course, but many have to be instructed in the proper manner of resting but the tips of their gloved hands upon the forearms of their escorts, at the bend of the elbow.
Compliments are in order, and mock declarations, if made, so that the fun is enjoyed on both sides.
At supper-time the men get their revenge for any teasing of which they have been the object, and, seated at their ease, they sometimes keep their partners running back and forth to supply abnormal demands of
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