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February                                  351
hunger, giving them no opportunity to satisfy their own claims of appetite, until they cry quarter.
The cotillion may be a "Frolic German" (described elsewhere), when all are supposed to know each other, and may choosa to favour strangers as well as acquaint­ances, according to the European custom.
Some girls prefer to "dance doe" instead of having a partner, and occasionally they agree to punish— "freeze out" and condemn to adorn the wall—some fellow who has been conspicuously disobliging in times past and selfishly "danced stag" when some girls were partnerless.
This should not be prolonged, however, beyond the limits of a harmless tease (save to suggest the thought to the culprit), for no greater discourtesy could be offered to a hostess than for one guest to deliberately mar the enjoyment of another—if no higher principle were at stake.
Among the favours for the girls may be small boxes of chocolate cigars and packages of cigarettes of the same composition, and for the men, "housewives" containing scissors, needles, thread, and buttons.
Tissue-paper hats and bonnets of the prevailing fashion will be found amusing, if not becoming to the sterner sex, who are, however, condemned to wear them, for a time at least, and tam-o'-shanters, billycock hats, Scotch bonnets, sombreros, jockey-caps, and military chapeaux with gorgeous "panaches"—also fashioned of the ever-accommodating crepe paper—look very "fetch­ing" above the saucy, smiling faces of merry girls.
Bonbon boxes with "Sweets to the Sweet," or other appropriate quotation, in gilt lettering on the covers, may be also offered to the gentle swains, and toy-pistols, swords, and gorgeous "decorations" for "bravery on
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