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356 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
At each place a little black china doll, dressed in the blue-and-white-checked garment of the Southern "picka­ninny," may hold the name-card. An American flag should be attached to the chandelier, or a small one might stand up from the mound of blossoms. In any event, the "restored flag" should be a conspicuous feature.
If it be desired to give favours:
Each guest might receive a small map of the United States, with a line of red ink drawn between the States that were at variance. The country represented as a whole is a testimony to Lincoln's wisdom—and his famous motto, "With malice toward none, with charity for all," might be written on the margin of the map.
After dinner, some little entertainment, game or contest of a national character would probably be welcome, for which I would suggest:
Presidential Puzzles
The questions are propounded, and all are provided with pads and pencils, in order to write the answers.
The hostess should know the dates, and any bit of information that may add to the interest and pleasure of her guests.
A good prize might be any one of the many excellent accounts of the. "Life of Lincoln," tied up with ribbons of two colours—"the blue and the gray."
i. Which President his horse bestrode And off to his inaugural rode ?
2.  Who first his oath of office took In open air where all might look ?
3.  Who, fearing much some dark surprise, Came to his office in disguise ?
4.  Who first at Washington did swear The Nation's good should be his care?
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