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February                                  357
5.  What man to his inaugural hied Just one short month before he died ?
6.  What President took the oath of state On other than the usual date ?
7.  Who at his New York residence Became one of our Presidents ?
8.  Who was succeeded by the one Whom he succeeded the next run ?
9.  What President to Quakertown To his inaugural came down ?
1.  Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1801. Rode on horseback.
2.  George Washington took oath April 30, 1789, on the balcony in front of the Federal State House, New York.
3.  President Madison.
4.  John Adams, inaugurated March 4, 1797, at Wash­ington.
5.  William H. Harrison> inaugurated March 4, 1841. Died April 4, 1841.
6.  President Monroe, on March 5, 1820.
7.  President Arthur, 1881.
8.  Grover Cleveland.
9.  George Washington, second inauguration, 1793, at Philadelphia, and John Adams.
An agreeable way of observing the day which is sacred to the patron saint of lovers is to invite half a dozen young people to a dinner, which shall in all its details recall the subject in which St. Valentine presum­ably most delights.
Let the centrepiece be heart-shaped and composed of
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