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358 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Jacqueminot roses or red carnations, pierced by a gilded arrow, which may be had at a very moderate cost.
In these days nearly every home possesses some deco­rative piece of Dresden or bisque, of which a cupid is usually a prominent feature. These, though designed to hold flowers, may appropriately be pressed into service as receptacles for the salted almonds, cakes, and bonbons. These last should be in the shape of hearts, which any confectioner will undertake to make to order. Even the bread at each place may be cut in the same form.
The name-cards should of course be hearts, and may­be made to serve the double purpose of name-card and menu. They should be made to imitate a heart as nearly as Bristol-board and red paint can be made to do, carefully shaded to represent its inequalities, with a tongue of flame burning at the top between its two lobes. The names may be written in gilt across its ardent surface, while on the reverse side is given the
Cream of Love-Apples
Tenderloin of Beef
(Form of two doves kissing each other)
Kisses                   Coffee                 Bonbons
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