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February                                  359
When interpreted, "cream of love-apple" soup may read "cream of tomatoes'*"love-apples" being the pretty alias under which that vegetable was known to our ancestors.
Soles, so delicious in England, take the name of flounders in America, and properly cooked are very palatable. Two good-sized fish would be sufficient for eight persons.
The turtledoves would be better known as squabs,
but would not be so suggestive of "billing and cooing."
The ice-cream birds may be made of any compound
preferred, provided that the outside coating be white,
to recall the doves' plumage.
The small meringues called "kisses" from time immemorial have inspired conversation and repartee among young men and maidens for some occult reason.
In Praise of Love After dinner, an adaptation of the once popular game of Literary Salad may be played. Shut up within two red paper hearts, the edges of which are lightly pasted together, may be a heart-shaped bit of white paper inscribed with some quotation in praise of Love. Every known poet has waxed eloquent upon the theme. For instance:
"For love is heaven, and heaven is love."
Walter Scott. "All love is sweet "Given or returned. Common as light is love, But its familiar voice wearies not ever."
Shelley. "Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all."
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