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February                                  361
The ladies draw from one, the men from the other, and then proceed to "match for partners." Those whose pieces fit must then choose the names of some well-known pair of lovers—which the others try to guess, after the manner of the game of Twenty Questions. A wedding march might be played, and the couples make the tour of the room, and then, seating themselves —each pair is questioned in turn.
The host and hostess take the lead in putting the questions, remarking that they are all eagerness to know whom they have the honour of entertaining. The general trend of the questions to make the couple reveal their identity may run thus:
"Are you fact or fiction?"
"Do you remember where you met?"
"Was it love at first sight?"
"Did the course of your love run smooth?"
"Did love end in marriage?"
"What was the most interesting feature in your relations with each other?"
The questions may be improvised, each person asking one in turn for three rounds, after which the next couple are under examination. Ivanhoe and Rowena, Miles Standish and Priscilla, Hiawatha and Minnehaha, Dante and Beatrice, Othello and Desdemona, are offered as suggestions.
A good prize for such a game would be a box of bon­bons, which the winner could share with his or her partner. If made of red satin, in the shape of a heart, a cheap little clock might be hidden among the bonbons —so that it could be distinctly heard to beat. In those of inexpensive make the tick is usually the more per­ceptible.
A prize for the ones who were least successful in
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