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362 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
guessing might be a tea-cup and saucer for the lady— as the "cheering cup" is popularly supposed to be one of the spinster's consolations—a worsted parrot or a live kitten. For the man, a card of buttons, with a tiny work-box with sewing material—for those who fail on St. Valentine's Day are supposed to be fore­doomed to a single life.
St. Valentine's evening is the time of all the year that lends itself most easily to special features in entertaining that never lose interest for young men and maidens.
The invitation for an informal frolic for that interesting occasion should be written on heart-shaped cards. If the guests are wide-awake, nimble-witted young persons, each may be requested in the invitation to write a valentine, to be brought on the appointed evening—the more ridiculous the better.
These must be distributed in such manner among the company that chance—or fate—alone shall determine the destination of each glowing epistle.
Those for the ladies, written by the young men, and those destined for the masculine guests, composed by the young women, should be placed in different recep­tacles and drawn therefrom at haphazard. If an even number of both sexes be present, and it is desired to pair them for some subsequent game, the male authors of the ardent verses and their recipients may be re­garded as partners. It is for the young men to discover during the evening to whom they are indebted for the valentine which they have received.
It may add to the fun if each person in turn is asked to read aloud the one that has fallen to his or her lot.
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