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February                                  363
A Heart Hunt
may form another diversion, played after the mannei of the well-known peanut hunt.
Several dozens of paper hearts are scattered about and hidden all over the rooms. A prize is to be awarded to the finder of the greatest number. Occasionally one comes across a candy or chocolate heartótrophies for the findersóbut only the paper ones count in the competition for the prize", which should be something in the shape of a heartóa bonbonniere, perhaps, or photograph frame.
Instead of paper hearts, those made of opaque white candy may be used instead. Each has some tender message or love-sick protestation done in red lettering. These confections were known in the days of our re≠motest grandparents.
Especial prizes may be given to those who find both parts of a divided heart that fit perfectly together.
"Broken Hearts"
This contest requires a little preparation in advance.
Sheets of red cardboard are cut into many heart-shaped pieces. The easiest way for its accomplishment is to draw one heart within a space six inches square, cut it out and use it for a pattern, tracing from it the outlines of all the others, which are also cut out with a sharp pair of scissors. When one has a sufficient number of these large red hearts to supply one for each pair of guests expected, each one is cut into six piecesó wedge-shaped, square, crescent, and circular bits. The parts of each heart are put into separate envelopes.
Each pair of guests is given one of these envelopes and the problem is offered them to piece together the bits
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