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364 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
of the broken hearts so that they may appear whole again—after the manner of dissected maps. The pair who first attain that success rise and announce the fact, and to them is awarded the prize of being crowned with paper roses—one of the classic honours bestowed by Cupid. The young man may find a wreath of laurel leaves less embarrassing to wear.
Passing the Guests
One of the prettiest ways to pair one's guests, if it be thought desirable to do so by chance selection—which must be ascribed to fate on St. Valentine's Day—is to offer flowers—natural or of paper—from two different baskets. To the stem of each flower is tied a card containing the names of famous lovers of history and fiction. The man drawing "Romeo" then seeks the girl whose card is inscribed with "Juliet's" name; "Hamlet" finds "Ophelia"; Leicester, Queen Elizabeth; Petrarch, Laura; Dante, Beatrice; John Alden, Pris-cilla; etc. If there are more gentlemen than ladies, which advantage a hostess should always try to insure, the "extra" men may draw the names of certain faithful lovers whose devotion has not been crowned with success—as, for instance, Sydney Carton, Tom Pinch, etc.
Love's Target
This oracle of fortune will offer a pleasing variety to the foregoing games. The target should be made with a wooden frame in the shape of a heart, over which is stretched white muslin. This is painted with a border of green, three inches wide. A second row within it of black, of the same width, and next that again one of yellow, a fourth of blue, a fifth of red, and a bull's-eye
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