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February                                  365
of gilt are painted. Each band, of course, retains the heart shape, one inside the other.
Or, a cheaper target may be made of heavy card­board, twenty-five inches long by twenty inches wide, covered with muslin, and painted as before directed.
The target should be set up at the end of a spacious room, from which the smaller furniture has been re­moved.
A gilded bow of classic shape, such as Cupid carries, should be provided, and as many arrows as there are guests. Each one takes a shot in turn, and as the arrows hit their marks the success or failure is announced by St. Valentine, who presides at the wheel, dressed as the "King of Hearts," in the following couplets:
If your arrow hits the red You will very shortly wed.
Should your arrow pierce the green No wedding bells for you, I ween.
When your arrow hits the blue Cupid takes a shot at you.
If the arrow touch the black A true love you'll never lack.
If it chance to hit the white You will meet your fate to-night.
If the dart go wide astray You will throw your heart away.
Should it pierce the heart of gold, Joy for you and love untold!
The costume of the King of Hearts may consist of a coat of Turkey red with hanging sleeves, knee-breeches of blue denim, cut in points at the knee and covered
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