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366 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
with red paper hearts, a broad collar, made of three heart-shaped pieces, and a red cap, also made of three • hearts—their points meeting at the top. A band of gilt paper encircling the forehead serves for a crown.
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A Heart-Contest
might be given.
Out of compliment to the little God of Love, the ten questions should be presented very daintily, that they may form a souvenir of the occasion. Heart-shaped booklets, the covers artistically decorated with cupids, roses, lovers'-knots, etc., may be used, or as a substitute the pretty, old-style, lace-edged valentines. Pencils are attached by narrow satin ribbons, preferably pink, love's colour, as the rose is its flower. It should be stated to the guests in distributing the questions that every answer begins with the word " heart."
i . What she takes from us ?
2.  How we greet her?
3.  Where we sit?
4.  What disease threatens?
5.  What oftentimes her conduct?
6.  What then comes to us ?
7.  How do we feel?
8.  Describe the catastrophy ?
9.  What flower consoles us?
10.  Under its influence, what do we become ?
The answers are written opposite the questions, the guests often guessing in pairs, as being more sociable than singly. The cards are taken up, and the prize­winners determined by the greatest number of correct answers. The prizes selected should be appropriate to
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