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February                                  367
the occasion—a silver chain and heart, a "Friendship" bracelet, two hearts united as a brooch, a heart-shaped box of "sweets," a silver paper-cutter with arrow handle, etc., etc.
6. Heart-ache.
7. Heart-sick.
8. Heart-rending.
9. Heart's-ease.
10. Heart-whole.
The Matrimonial Noose
After these diversions, if one's guests are well acquainted, the hostess may venture to tie by the wrists each man and maiden in pairs, as they may be found together.
The noose is made by taking two pieces of string a yard long, crossing them like the letter X, and attaching an end around the wrists of each of the pair. A wedding ring, or brass curtain ring, may be slipped upon the string.
The problem before them is how to separate. Their devices and contortions are very amusing until they discern the simple trick of getting their freedom. To do this, one of the fettered pair takes the under string at its point of intersection with the upper and—careful not to twist it—makes a loop, which is then passed through the ring, over his companion's hand, and slipped under the string that is binding that person's wrist. This done, the bound are free.
A cynic might make some invidious remarks—not at all appropriate to the day—but salutary if the influences of the season have induced ephemeral emotions.
The refreshments should carry out as far as possible
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